The most memorable and joyful day of your life is your wedding day. Make your special day inside one of our specially designed party buses. Our services are rated number one in the Dallas area and widely preferred over the traditional limousine services. The luxurious space inside allows you to dance and relax yourself just like you would at your actual reception. And no matter what the weather is outside, our climate controlled buses and well qualified drivers will surely convey you to your destination without hardship or hesitation. at party bus by henock, we are more than just a business, we are a community here to serve you and your needs and make your special moments much more prominent to exceed your expectations.


Bachelor & Bachelorette Party!

Ladies and gentlemen, CAUTION: USING OUR PARTY BUSES FOR YOUR BACHELORS/BACHELORETTES EVENT MAY CAUSE EXTREME PARTYING. YOU MAY EVEN FORGET ABOUT YOUR WEDDING THE NEXT DAY!! Now that you have been warned, our top of the line party buses not only allow you to maneuver from party to party, but also allow you to have your own party inside the bus! You can surely enjoy the stripper pole with a 360 degree view in addition to our flat screen televisions, surround sound stereo, and flashing colored lights, can also be used to your advantage.



Dear Prom kings and queens, an epithet so royal surely deserves the best there is. That means you deserve our one of a kind party bus only from party bus by henock. Our surround sound stereo system will make sure to keep your party alive even after prom ends. Our experienced drivers will safely deliver you and your royal acquaintances to your destination. The party doesn’t have to be over just because prom is over, and our buses can prove it.  


Club/Bar Hopping

Dallas truly does have a world class selection when it comes to nightlife! Allow party bus by henock to take you to all of the thrilling sites in the city. When compared to limousines our party buses have exceptional spaces to keep the party going all night. Drinking on the buses is legal to guests 21 and up! Our party buses have been serving a variety of people, from celebrities to business owners to people who just want to have fun. So, where ever it is you wish to go, ride in luxury with party bus by henock!

Sporting Events

Ready for Football Season? Attending a baseball or basketball game? Let party bus by henock take care of all the driving while you relax in one of our many luxury vehicles. Avoid long lines, parking delays and the hassle of getting to the game! Relax with drinks or bring some friends along on one of our party buses!

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